aZn.KoRe. (hangclayaiken) wrote,

Dark Elves ain't shit

Haha alright so much for sleep. I think I slept for maybe two hours but I woke up remembering my Morrowind finished downloading. So I, uh, downloaded some mods and altered the music (the opening title's song is Pinback's "Penelope" hehehe) I swear this graphics card on the Vaio is a fucking mystery. There are no drivers ever to download for it, it seems like it'd be primative but the graphics look as good as my former best friend and I can pretty much have a high resolution with the textures all the way up and have no trouble. The only game where the frame rate is somewhat bad is FFXI.

Finally bought oil paints today (spent $70 on them too). Um, fuckin wow. Makes painting on huge canvas a lot more fun and easy. Except it's smelling up my room. Oh shit I think I'm getting high off the fumes. J/k laffo.

I am so not feeling the whole school situation this week (well when do I ever since I go through every day in class unable to joke and laugh) I'm in the oddest mood lately. It really comes down to me not being satisfied with anything and making up disadvantages for everything. I figured that I'm just really fucking bored and thus in need of a job. If I'm going back into the restaurant business I'll only do so at Outback since I know their whole fucking menu haha. Not to mention the place is pretty damn close to where I live. Oh, my passion for steak is ultimate and true, I could sell them steaks to cows. Yeah, they're gonna have to hire me as a waitress. Oh look at the time. Fuck sculpture I'm going to play some more Morrowind and make up my hours on Saturday.

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