aZn.KoRe. (hangclayaiken) wrote,

shake ya ass go beserk

Halloween is this weekend ? Well fry my hide, I don't know what I'm to do. Maybe I'll dress as a zombie crackwhore. ...That doesn't sound too bad actually !!!

About four more weeks till Thanksgiving. Yee you know what that means, that hustler's coming up. That means food. FOOD. Like steak, bagels, chinatown food, and more various meats. I am seriously counting down the days. Also I think it will be a good thing for us, seeing as I can't talk to him much. And when I do it's all too...casual. I'm like Hank Hill when it comes to showing affection and wording nice...things... that are about, uh, feelings. I start to feel uncomfortable if not scared. I don't think we seem as close as we really are. I blame a traumatizing experience that I don't feel like going over for the 20th time.

This week sometime I'm also dying my hair and tapering it. Well someone else is going to do it for me. It's just going to be that caramel color I had last year, and I'll probably leave underneath black or keep some roots black. I don't know. I feel like a faggot writing about my hair in a livejournal.

I expect a steak on the table upon my return to the 239 in winter holiday.

Oh yeah and my Xbox is dead. That's depressing. I have a dead computer (or it might just be in a coma...) and a dead Xbox in this little room.

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