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K this is my fault I still have to paint a self portrait and it's 4am. I have class at 9am and yeah it's due today. I started my other painting maybe 15 minutes ago which I started at 1am. GOD IM SUCH A FUCKASS. Oh and I've had what fuckin four cups of coffee. Need some more but I'm scared of random battles on the way to Dunkin Donuts. Cheeerist and I'm all paranoid that I'm being too loud here in the kitchen for my roomates. OH and why am I not doing my portrait right this minute and instead online wishing I could get paid for it ? Because the fucking gesso isn't dry yet on the other canvas. Wow thanks for being a douche.

Anyway so I saw Wilco. I'm sad they didn't play Heavy Metal Drummer but wutevs. It was a great concert nonetheless. Well, up to the point where they started preaching about voting.... I don't give a fuck, if people are going to vote they will. Just because you're up on stage doesn't mean you have superior influence. Well maybe to some. And yeah my opinion on that reigns supreme.

Alright so I'm listening to Lush and it reminds me of sophomore year riding in Lance's shhelllicka. haha. omg and going to wally world at sunset. Wow at that time I didn't expect myself to be a bitter art student in NYC with a long distance plan.

Fuck yeee my nig Will accompanied me on my journey to Dunkin Doe's. Now I'm set for three more hours. It's so odd having to walk to your destination instead of relying on the Celestial Battle Buick. I'm sad I never got to put those tractor lights on it. gahaha on our way back there was this guy in a long coat crossing the street yelling at nothing. Earlier today I saw a man sitting on a bench rocking back and forth. The homeless lady with the kickin pair of addida's always sleeps soundly at the atm room. OH and yesterday I fucking saw a midget walk out of the 209 sva building hahahaha I love laughing at people who are different !!!! The gesso is still not dry so I guess I'll start on my paper for literature class....?

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