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Well, I just remembered about some fucked up project we have to do for Sculpture. I have to make a film apparently. It's rather vague to me, she says something having to do with figures and sequences...? Don't get me wrong, I think this will be badass but I'm just a bit puzzled as to why we have to do this for sculpture.

Ha I bought Def Jam: Fight For NY and made this guy called Homothug (thanks Real World!) Just now I made a black version of Ian (really its just some blackman named Ian) and now I feel weird about it. Though he said he didn't mind. I really can't wait until November when he comes up we're gonna troll the streets like motherfuckers and get crunked on 40's. Maybe I'll smoke him up too haha I am kidding sorry that wasn't funny. Umm... anyway, I think he's gonna freak out though if random people talk to him. It's a pretty normal thing in this city apparently. Haha I think his dad is worried about him getting rape at subway stations though.

I think I'm becoming more content about this place. Sure people still piss me off, but they seem to like me. I guess as long as artfags don't hate me I should be fine. But still, they criticize too much. laffo!!!1 but so do I. Oh shit anyway, I think I'm becoming content because I'm finally feeling the whole art situation. Been drawing and painting again, and enjoying it. I still need new pants though.

Pinback, a new favorite band, played a show here but it was at 3:45am. Apparently they had a mini day world tour. They played a show in Japan, someplaces in Europe, another place in the US then here. Of course I didn't get to see them though.

I also lucked out on having pretty decent suite mates. Albeit I seriously think my roomate is freaked out about me listening to that Vengaboys song. She also seemed confuse when I was listening to some random rap. I can't help it though, that silly rap/hiphop shit makes me happy. It reminds me of home. New Order and the usual only remind me of dumb days chilling with my dog (I don't know why). Oh but I was only listening to Vengaboys because it's hilarious. God, thanks Amanda for "corrupting" my musical tastes.

Oh and I don't know if I mentioned it before but my suitemate Tasha had her fucking foot stepped on by Jarvis Cocker. Someone else, forget who, saw Adam Sesslar. Somebody saw MosDef at Virgin while I was there and didn't bother to summon me... thanks Will you twat. Other people saw more famous people I forget. Uh yeah so I'm telling you I'd better bump into Ashton or Damon else God spites me for sure. I think the only crazy person I met was that guy who was a visual designer at Atari.

K I'm gonna go to bed and think about my cool video game ideas.

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hahaha get crunked on 40's. whenever anyone mentions "40's" it always reminds me of casper from kids...shame he killed himself.
hahaha omg me too. but I try not to think about that movie too much though.

I have no legs.... I have no legs....
No problem.