aZn.KoRe. (hangclayaiken) wrote,

need to vent

For once I'm gonna pull an "indirectly talk about someone" LJ post:

I really love it when someone has a fucking problem with something you do, something pretty goddamn minor nevertheless, and choose not to talk about it with you. Instead they choose to talk shit. WOW THANKS, FUCKASS TRAITOR.

Not only is that an EXTREMELY dumb thing to find "bad" but it'd be nice if you had the fucking balls to bring it up. Fucking pussy. Sorry I'm not classy enough for you, shithead. How about next time when I do something that's so unpleasant you actually say something instead of being a whiney-ass motherfucker about it. The cold-shoulder technique, by the way, is only used by little girl bitches.

Why I oughta do acid just to spite you.

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