aZn.KoRe. (hangclayaiken) wrote,

K I'm seriously going goatfuck crazy. I've tried to just concentrate on the good things but... when you've got class four days a week, and a whopping 9 hours of classes on Fridays... with the SAME SHITTY PEOPLE... it just gets to ya a little bit. I've decided that the artfags here were most definitely the outcasts in highschool. And they were the type of outcasts who outcasted themselves, because they have such high fucking standards for themselves. Staying in their cozy artroom during lunch. Well anyway, here they are in art school doing what they do best and they feel like they rule the school now. They're going on a power trip and it's been pissing me off. I just want to yell at about everyone I pass. That's so cute too when they draw their shitty pictures on the sidewalk. Or how about their dance parties in front of the building ? MY GOD they are so fucking unique !!! I wish all of my friends had black hair, tight pants, and not laugh all day !! Why can't all guys be so fashionable ? HEEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!

They listen to such obscure bands too. Wowie. I wish I couldve discovered Clouds That Fail The Sky !

You know how you sometimes have REALLY bad classes in highschool? Where even if the teacher and subject are alright, the people ruin it ? They're all either stupid, boring, annoying or elite art fucks? That's what i go through every day. And it'll be like this for the rest of the year. My lunch breaks are spent acting. I pretend to be interested in paint stroke techniques. Making jokes are useless.

I mean at least it's not exactly the same out of class. However, I do have to pass them every day. This school isnt as fun as I thought it was going to be... I'll just hope that the next years will be good.

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