aZn.KoRe. (hangclayaiken) wrote,

Woooo I'm so excited, I can most definitely change my major. However, I won't be coming home during summer seeing as I have to start my first film semester in January and the second in Summer. All so I'm not held back from my peers. And then yeah, start off my second term in fall...

I'm more happy about this because my parents are being pretty supportive. My parents had always been annoyed about my being so fickle but they seem pretty excited. Maybe it's cos they won't have to deal with me at home for a while haha.

It's kinda sad that I won't be coming back in summer. I mean... my friends.... my cat.... not to mention friends I have made here who won't be around me for summer haha. But you know, gotta adjust.

K I have to go make important phone calls now.

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