aZn.KoRe. (hangclayaiken) wrote,

So I'm really considering changing my major drastically. To film. Generally what I like doing is writing stories and making them happen. From every bit of clothing detail to camera angles. I can do this with either comics or film, and would enjoy both. I figure I can do cartoons on the side while majoring in film since I don't know that much about equipment and other technical business.

The only problems I see happening are not being able to change it this semester and wasting a whole year's paid tuition and not being able to keep my scholarship. Fuck I wish we could still double major at this school... that would be a lot of work but at least it'd keep me busy instead of fucking playing Morrowind downloading stupid mods.

This is an important decision so I have to talk to everyone. So far everyone I've talked to encourages me but are thankfully realistic about it, and my dad wants me to make sure of what I want to do (the problems I brought up about a year's waste of money didn't seem to concern him...) I pretty much have to talk to my advisors about this though and take it from there.

At first I thought this random decision was influenced by my not liking my classes but the more I looked at it, even the next years will be redundant. Not saying I know all the techniques and I'm at my peak. But I figure these past 18 years I pretty much taught myself
so if I wanted to learn anymore I can do it. So really four years can be a waste of money and as far as I know, with how the business of freelance illustration and comics work you just send out your shit and if you're good enough people will take it in...

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