aZn.KoRe. (hangclayaiken) wrote,

Eh. It's definitely my cold medicine talking but shit's so dull. Everything's routine...go to class, bitch, uh maybe eat. I don't know I'm not gonna complain though, I'm still probably a bit homesick. First year of college sucks cunt for sure. No motivation to really work on my own things, due to all this bullshit still life we have to do... thought we were to get it over with in highschool. Photo, film, advertising, and interior design students get to jump right in. Nah. Not us. We get to waste 30k for shit we did in highschool.

Well to try and break out of a rut I'll probably paint on something huge and hang it up or give it to anyone who wants it (um...nobody...) anyway something simple and fun to paint. Like so:

Time to sleep I guess. For real now. I can't wait for class oh boy I have so many friends there wheeehehehehee every day in class is just barrels of fun wooooooooooweeeeee.
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