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Damn drama, I seriously hate that shit. I just give up at the end, laugh and sigh and let it roll away. Eh it was totally my fault, I think I was just in a grumpy mood. It was totally something out of nothing. And over the topic of the humanzee nonetheless. Oooohh but nobody hangs up on me, now that took the cake. Okay but right today I figured out I can be a crazy asshole, and I'll take the easier way out and blame that not seeing the sky does that to me.

Fuckin anyway, I randomly went to a Ryan Adams show. Had front row and all. It was a blast, good music to drive to. I liked when he called sushi "space food" haha he'd be pimp to hang out with.

HAHA Oh fuck that's right, yesterday I was ambushed by two giggling Asian girls. After 15 minutes of broken Engrish I finally figured out that they wanted me to join their whacky Asian club. When they found out I was Chinese (apparently they have all Koreans) they were all: "OOOOOOOOOOOOO ^_________^ /clap" good god and everyone outside the dorm building stared. Anyway so I guess I'm in their club and they had a meeting today, but since I had class till 6 I couldn't attend. Oh noes.

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